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Les paniers contemporains de Kari LØnning

Discussion dans 'Commentaires des articles' créé par Laurencew, 3 Janvier 2011.

  1. Laurencew

    Laurencew Laurence Wichegrod

  2. toptomato

    toptomato Invité

    What beautiful work! Thank you for sharing it here, and for the links to her sites. I'll look at more of her work soon.
  3. Laurencew

    Laurencew Laurence Wichegrod

    Fabulous work!...
  4. natoise

    natoise Invité

    paniers de Karl Lonnn

    travail magnifique; très coloré, original, J"aime beaucoup
  5. Kari Lonning

    Kari Lonning Invité

    Thank-you for showing my baskets to your French audience.

    (For the record, my name is Norwegian. I sign my name Lønning but most computer get it wrong so I usually use Lonning, so people can find me.)

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